Vermont Natural Beef


We sell our beef by the hanging side. A hanging side is one half of one beef divided lengthwise, fully dressed and hanging in the cooler. A hanging side is all ready to be cut into your favorite cuts. Before the side is cut we require that it hang in the cooler for a minimum of 7 days. This allows natural enzymes to firm but tenderize the meat for your enjoyment. This is a very important part of preparing quality meat. Most of the commercial beef sold in large grocery chains is cut into smaller pieces immediately after slaughter and shipped in boxes to where it is processed. The commercial beef industry regards the shipping time of “boxed” meat to be sufficient in replacing the age old practice of “hanging” in the cooler. It simply does not produce the same result.

Our sides of beef will weigh between 250 and 350 lbs. You can buy as many sides as you wish and you can specify a smaller or larger side. The only difference you will notice between small and large sides is in the size of the steaks and roasts. If you are interested in less than one side we suggest you find a friend who would like their meat cut in a similar way as yours, purchase one side for both of you and you will each effectively end up with a “quarter” beef.

One side provides you with; one hind quarter (the round), one front quarter (the chuck), one flank, one tenderloin and one complete rib. We will provide you with a cut sheet for you to specify how you would like your meat cut. We will also provide you with a description of the cut options and we will gladly go over these options with you over the phone to help meet your family’s needs. You will specify the types and size of roasts (bone in or boneless) you prefer. Whether you want your hamburger in 1, 2 or 3lb packages or some of each. You will choose between having your tenderloin cut into filet mignon accompanied by New York strips or leave the tenderloin in and cut T-bones and Delmonico steaks. Will you want standing rib roasts or rib steaks or some of each? Will you want sirloin steaks and flank steaks or would you prefer to have it ground to make terrific hamburger? Stew meat, liver, brisket and even dog bones – these are all choices we will be happy to help you with.

Our price for one hanging side, which includes cutting and vacuum packaging and in most cases delivery, is based on the hanging weight.  The price per pound  is currently $6.75. Obviously, a 250 lb. side would cost you 250 x the price per pound (hanging weight) in your freezer. It is important to remember that if you request mostly boneless cuts you may lose up to 30% of the total weight. In other words, the actual weight of meat you put in your freezer will be slightly more expensive per pound.


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