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About Vermont Natural Beef

Vermont Natural Beef has always been a family farm and we intend to stay that way! From left to right in the picture are members of the immediate Stannard Family: Sam, Mac, Pati, Bob, Abigale and her husband Rob, and kneeling is Luke.

The Rpbert Stannard Family - Vermont Natural Beef

Since 2014


Vermont Natural Beef, LLC is headquartered on a former 310-acre dairy farm known as Kingston Place. Vermont Natural Beef is a veteran-owned and family operated naturally raised beef brand specializing in pasture-raised beef. Kingston Place also conducts specialized barn, rustic country-style weddings in its historic hay barn. Our customers are invited to visit the inviting homestead and see the beautiful settings where our livestock thrive.

Our beef grows on 799 acres of lush-green, organically certified pastures. In order to keep our carbon footprint low, rotational grazing keeps the land healthy and a substantial carbon sink. Rotational grazing also minimizes the need for combustion engines to move herds from pasture to pasture since movements are incredibly minimal.