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Vermont Natural Beef:

Single Source (our farm), Better Beef, Real Customer Service.

Vermont Natural Beef

Better Beef

You get to eat better beef – feed your family beef you can trust! No hormones, no antibiotics and our animals are always on pasture.

Delivered via UPS

Nicely vacuum packaged beef, delivered to your doorstep. What could be easier?

Real Customer Service

We’re here for you! The number is: 802-265-0006. We are a real farm not just a company marketing other people’s beef, so if we’re out on the farm – please leave a message. We will call you back!

No Subscription Required

Really? We’re amazed we even need to say this. If you want to subscribe you can, but if you want to use us to send a gift box, just try us out, order occasionally, etc. then that’s OK too.


If you have a special request, on the checkout page, please put in your request. We will try to accommodate you. Or call us…

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

We invite everyone to come visit. If you don’t actually know how your food is grown, there’s a good chance you are not buying what you think you’re buying!

Better Ingredients, Better Meals.

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