Deposit – Side of Vermont Natural Beef



PLACE YOUR DEPOSIT TO RESERVE VERMONT NATURAL BEEF. Pricing will be $7.35 per pound based on hanging weight.   Vermont Natural Beef - Side of Beef - Grass Fed Natural Beef Some of the best tasting beef you'll ever have!!! This is what great beef tastes like. No growth hormones, no nitrite preservatives, no crowded high stress feed lots, is it any wonder it tastes so great? Sides are priced per pound. We will bill you the difference upon delivery. This is a deposit only. Deposits are refundable minus a 5% transaction processing charge up until August 1st after which they become non-refundable deposits. The average side will be about 280 lbs with a range from 240-350 lbs.  We try our best to accommodate size requests as closely as possible, but variability in the growing season means we cannot always match your request exactly.