50 LB. Box of Vermont Natural Beef – Ground Beef


50 LB. Box of Vermont Natural Beef – Ground Beef @ $9.50 / lb.

Vermont Natural Beef's Single Animal Grind Ground Beef, a premium choice for discerning meat lovers! Our ground beef comes from a single, carefully-raised animal, ensuring exceptional quality and flavor in every bite.

Sourced from our pasture-raised cattle, our ground beef is free from growth hormones and antibiotics, providing you with a healthier and more natural option for your meals. The cattle are raised stress-free in open pastures, resulting in tender and flavorful beef that stands out in taste and texture.

Perfect for a wide range of dishes, from juicy burgers and hearty meatballs to flavorful tacos and savory meat sauces, our ground beef is versatile and delicious. Each package is meticulously prepared and sealed to lock in freshness and preserve the natural flavors.

Experience the difference that single animal grind makes with Vermont Natural Beef's Ground Beef. Elevate your culinary creations with this premium, wholesome option that delivers exceptional taste and quality with every serving.

Boxes are 50 pounds +/-.  $475.00 if prepaid.  $500.00 if paid upon delivery

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