Vermont Natural Beef

Check it out! Through the 2009 season, many of my customers mentioned that they had watched the movie “Food, Inc” and that was what prompted them to call Vermont Natural Beef to place an order. When the busy delivery season came to an end, I finally made time to watch “Food, Inc.” myself. As with any documentary, there is clearly some spin and bias presented but for the most part, I do think it paints a clear picture of how our industrial food production works in this country. I’m sure it would be a real eye opener for the average consumer who is not familiar with any level of agricultural production. It shows how government policy has allowed and enabled the development of large multinational companies to gain nearly complete control of our nation’s food supply. In watching this film, it is clear that the only blame that can be passed to those producing the food, the farmers, is that they couldn’t muster the political will or financial resources needed to stop the building of this massive processing infrastructure. Farmers have been forced to follow the Government regulations and subsidy programs and then tailor their production to the only markets available which are the large corporate oligopolies. If you choose to watch “Food, Inc.”I would strongly recommend doing so with your whole family!